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Diversity reconciled

· The Bishop of Rome visits the Pentecostal Church of Caserta ·

“The Pope went to visit his brothers”. This is how Francis characterized his private meeting, on Monday, 28 July, in Caserta, with Evangelical Pastor Giovanni Traettino and the community of the Pentecostal Church of Reconciliation. In his lengthy address the Bishop of Rome underlined in particular that “the Church is one in diversity. 

And, to use a beautiful word of an Evangelist whom I love very much”, he added, “a 'reconciled diversity' by the Holy Spirit”. Because he “does both these things: he creates the diversity of charisms and then makes the harmony of charisms. For this the first theologians of the Church, the first fathers — I’m talking about the 3rd or 4th century — said: 'The Holy Spirit, He is harmony', because He creates this harmonic unity in diversity”.

Regarding the rest of the meeting, at the outset, Pastor Giovanni Traettino addressed the Pontiff, emphasizing how “with his visit”, he had “demonstrated that he takes reconciliation seriously, that he is a man of reconciliation”, even “a prophet of reconciliation”. Also because, he added, “with men like you, dear Pope Francis, there is hope for us Christians. Everyone! With a single act you have widened the door, you have hastened the realization of God's dream. You have become part of the answer to Jesus' prayer: “that all are one”. And you did it with that glory without which it is impossible to build unity. I speak of the glory of humility. As someone said, humility is at the heart of glory. And he added: “showing off takes only a little strength; modesty requires much more”




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 17, 2020