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​The diplomacy of women will save the Holy Land

· From the world ·

Izzeldin Abuelaish, the Palestinian doctor who in 2009 lost three daughters killed by Israeli tank fire during Operation Cast Lead, is utterly convinced: after years and years of failed negotiations the time has definitely come to find a new way to reach peace in the Holy Land, leaving the field to the diplomacy of women. A native of Gaza, Izzeldin – who for some time has been working at the University of Toronto – returned to the land of his origins to take part in the first international congress on “Removing barriers to Middle East peace”, organized in Tel Aviv by the movement Women Wage Peace. “The solution [to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] is to let women negotiate”, the doctor said at the press conference (reported by the site “They bring life into the world and they understand what life is, and I’m sure they will succeed where men have failed”. In memory of his daughters, Izzeldin has created the foundation Daughters for Life, which is based on the idea that social change and the solution to the problems in the Middle East depend on the empowerment through education of girls and young women, to whom more space should be given and greater power in society and in institutions.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 20, 2019