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Dialogue before controversy

· ​Indiana bishops on regulating religious freedom ·

Dialogue and good sense. This was the appeal of the Catholic bishops of Indiana regarding the controversy surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

The law, approved by the State which the governor then called to amend, intends to regulate religious freedom. The law, however, has been contested by various associations defending homosexuals, which deem the law discriminatory. The State of Arkansas approved a similar law which also includes norms which respond to the objections raised in Indiana.

In a letter concerning the law's passage, five prelates, including the Archbishop Joseph William Tobin of Indianapolis, wrote that the law “appears to have divided the people of our state like few other issues in recent memory”. The bishops invite “all people of good will to show mutual respect for one another so that the necessary dialogue and discernment can take place to ensure that no one in Indiana will face discrimination whether it is for their sexual orientation or for living their religious beliefs”. 




St. Peter’s Square

April 22, 2019