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A desperate situation

· ​Increase in the number of migrants being aided in the Mediterranean ·

Since the beginning of the year approximately 54,000 migrants have arrived in Italy. According to information released yesterday by UNHCR, the High Commissioner of the UN for refugees, in the month of June 7,500 have arrived. From January to May 46,500 are estimated to have arrived in Italy. Compared to the first five months of 2014, the number or migrants increased by 10.12 percent: there were 41,243 who arrived by sea last year. Those who died or drowned in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year number 1850, which is nearly six times the number last year from January-May 2014, which numbers 280. According to UNHCR, most of the migrants are coming from countries in Africa as well as Syria. They are startling figures which clearly depict the tragedy in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile in Italy controversy surrounds the decision of the Governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, who, together with the Governors of Liguria and Veneto, have closed their doors to migrants, cautioning their cities of welcoming more migrants. 




St. Peter’s Square

June 17, 2019