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Damned Mafia

· The essay ·

"I had to choose which future to give to my daughter Vita Maria. It was then that I decided to change everything ": this is the summary of the courageous and difficult story of the Sicilian Piera Aiello who, as a widow with a little girl and having discovered the true face of her husband, decides to testify to the police. Written with Umberto Lucentini Damned mafia (St. Paul, 2012) tells the story of a life "revolutionized by death" to which a young mother chooses to oppose herself, even if it means her seeing her daily life turned upside down. Starting literally from scratch, not having a home town, a community, an identity. Next to Piera and her daughter (also grappling with her difficult posthumous relationship with a Mafioso father), two figures who fell victim to the mafia, stand out in particular : the prosecutor Paolo Borsellino – it will be he who makes her understand the true meaning of the word legality: "To give yourself for certain values without asking anything in return" - and her young sister-in-law, Rita Atria. In pain, Piera choses to become the author of her story: "I'll always be that girl who at twenty-four years of age, with two suitcases and a young child, departed, making a clear choice, from Partanna ."




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 23, 2020