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Damascus a city under siege

· Assad's forces launch an offensive against opponents ·

Death toll increases every hour

Endless violence in Syria. The governmental forces launched an offensive yesterday against  the main posts of their opponents. The decisive battle for taking over the capital is thus in its most critical phase. At least 80 people were killed in the violence according an assessment of the local coordination committees (organization which brings together a number of activist groups). While according to the Syrian National Observatory for Human Rights (ONDUS), there were 191 killed including 99 civilians.

The clashes in Damascus have been concentrated outside of the city where the opponents maintain control in various areas. Different sources have noted bombings of the governmental forces even outside Damascus. A dozen people were killed in an air raid in the town of Moadimiya; five civilians lost their lives while they were travelling in car which was hit bomb in Yalda. Intense fighting took place in the province of  Idlib, in Homs  and near Latakia. ONDUS noted heavy governmental bombing on the positions of the opponents even in city of Duma, around 15 kilometres north east of Damascus, and in a south-west suburb of Daraya.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 22, 2019