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A cry for freedom

The independence movement of Latin America was a “cry” for freedom from the peoples of the continent who were exploited and deprived of liberties. Pope Francis' third day in Ecuador began in Quito's Bicentennial Park, where he celebrated the 200 years of Latin America's emancipation from the yoke of “the powers that be”.

On Tuesday morning, 7 July, the Pope had previously met with the 50 bishops of the country in the Convention Centre for approximately an hour. In an informal and familiar setting, he responded to their questions privately and received a statue of St Francis with wings. Immediately after the Pontiff celebrated the Mass “for the evangelization of peoples” in the presence of many faithful and of the President of the Republic. The park, known as “the lung of Quito”, was opened just two years ago in 2013, on that land that was once the city's international airport. The same airport which welcomed John Paul II in 1985. Constructed according to the principles of environmental sustainability, the park is a green space popular with Quiteños.




St. Peter’s Square

June 17, 2019