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Cruelty against the innocent

· The Pope makes an appeal on behalf of the people of Iraq ·

A new appeal for the Iraqi people who have been victims of the “brutal acts of violence” being committed “against innocent civilians, be they Muslims, be they Christians, be they members of other ethnicities and religions”, was launched by the Pope at the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday, 23 October. “I was distressed”, he said, in reference to the situation in Mosul, “by the news of the numerous sons of that beloved land, among them even many children, killed in cold blood. This cruelty, he emphasized, “makes us weep, leaving us speechless”. The Pontiff assured his solidarity and prayers that the people of Iraq, who are “so harshly afflicted, may be strong and steadfast in the hope to be able to go toward a future of security, reconciliation and peace”.

Before reciting the Marian prayer, and inspired by World Mission Sunday, which was being celebrated on Sunday, Francis recalled that “today is a time of mission and is a time of courage”, inviting everyone to “bring the message of salvation to the entire human family”.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 19, 2019