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Collaborating with men

In this issue there is a something new: the cover which was designed for us by Isabella Ducrot depicts a man's face, that of Oscar Romero, the Bishop murdered while saying mass in San Salvador on March 24, 1980 and whose beatification process is currently taking place.

The portrait of Romero is a tribute to his words which are reported to us by the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, in honour of motherhood, the role of women as mothers. Ours is a tribute to someone who had so much respect for the gift of life to write that woman "with the simplicity of maternal martyrdom she conceives a child in her womb, gives birth, nurses a child, and helps it grow with love and tenderness. She gives life. She is a martyr”. These words are close to those regularly pronounced by Pope Francis in his daily homilies by which he recalls with affection and admiration the grandmothers and mothers who pass on life together with their faith to their children and grandchildren. Of course, this glorification of the maternal role, today, is in contrast with the dominant culture, which encourages women to fulfill other roles: The “vamp” who arouses erotic passion, or else that of the super manager in her career, and that considers the maternal role to be a mortifying cage. We are aware of and very happy to go against this cultural norm, asserting the importance and also the joy of motherhood. We have written, right from the first issue, that we were open to working together with men provided that men spoke about women and in this issue we have three male authors of articles of prime importance, showing how our offer of collaboration has started to bear fruitful results. Perhaps it is only those women who profoundly accept the maternal role who are not afraid to face and collaborate with men, since they are well aware of their irreducible differences. (L.s.)




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020