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Clashes in Syria escalate

· Twelve dead in another bombing on Aleppo by Government troops ·

An escalation of clashes and violence in Syria while Assad's Government works out a peace plan that should have been presented without delay. The United Nations Organization condemns the position that Damascus has taken on the crisis, stressing its “regret”at the Syrian President's words two days ago in a discourse to the nation.

At least 60 people, including 34 civilians, were killed yesterday throughout the country, according to a temporary estimate by the Syrian National Observatory for Human Rights(ONDUS). The most serious episode, the bombardment that targeted Aleppo's Al Mashhad district, caused the death of 12 people, including a child. Yet the battle continues to rage in other localities too. Especially in the suburbs of Damascus, invested in the past few days by a Government counter-offensive that aims to break up the seige of the rebel militia.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 14, 2019