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‘Circuli minores’ conclude their work

· ​Reports presented at the Synod ·

At the Synod of Bishops on Thursday afternoon, 8 October, the 13 circuli minores concluded their work. The following morning they presented their reports regarding the first part of the Instrumentum laboris, related to considering the challenges of the family. In a briefing at the Holy See Press Office on Thursday afternoon, director Fr Federico Lombardi indicated that the Pope, in his intervention on Tuesday, 6 October, invited trust in one another, in order to allow for complete loyalty to the Synod process. “We must not think about whether there may be plots or people seeking to manipulate”, he said. With regard to the general atmosphere of the meetings, Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli, the moderator of one of the two Italian language circuli, described that it “is a synod of people marshaling two years’ work. There is an open and fraternal discussion on all the material”.

The composition of the commission for information of the synod assembly was announced during the press conference. Archbishop Celli presides over the commission, whose members are Archbishop Palma, Archbishop González Nieves and Bishop Bessi Dogbo, with Fr Lombardi as secretary.

Also published were the testimonies of two auditor couples, the Galindos of Mexico and the Nkosis of South Africa. At the third general congregation on Tuesday, Mr and Mrs Nkosi spoke about their 30-year experience as a married couple blessed with five children and eight grandchildren. Their intervention opened the second phase of work, dedicated to the discernment of the family vocation.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 12, 2019