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Charity and Gospel of the Family

· Message to the Knights of Columbus’ Convention ·

Pope Francis has expressed his gratitude to the Knights of Columbus for their “commitment to proclaiming the Gospel of the family” and for their support of Christians in the Middle East “who endure prejudice and persecution for their faith”. The Pope’s comments were expressed in a message signed on his behalf by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and addressed to Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, on the occasion of the Order’s 136th annual convention held in Baltimore on 7-9 August.

The Holy Father recalled the fundamental charism of the “inseparable bond of faith and charity that led” the first knights to work together for a fraternal society through Christian formation and mutual support. That reality still exists now, he pointed out, as he called on the entire Church to take the “responsibility to be guardians of one another and to live concretely the faith which expresses itself through love”. Citing his recent Apostolic Exhortation on the call to sanctity, the Pope recommended following the example of “the great saints whose imitation of Christ continues to inspire us, daily united faith, prayer and practical charity”.

Pope Francis, the message continued, “encourages the persevering efforts of the Knights of Columbus, at every level, to bear witness to the love of god through concrete love and solidarity for the poor and those in any need”. On the eve of the World Meeting of Families in Ireland, he thanked the Knights of Columbus for their “innumerable acts of charity undertaken often in quiet and unassuming ways” and for “encouraging men in their vocations as Catholic husbands and fathers and defending the authentic nature of marriage and the family within society”.

The Pope expressed his confidence that the Order would continue “to provide guidance and support above all to new generations of young men who in a world filled with lights contrary to the Gospel, seek to remain faithful disciples of Christ and loyal sons of the Church”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 29, 2020