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Catholic Women of the Year 2013

In the year of the faith, it was decided to award the Catholic Women of the Year prize (now arrived at its forty-fifth edition) to four women who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to spreading the faith to the next generation. The names of those who will receive awards in London on October 11th are, Mary Maguire, Mary Cahill, Rosaline Egan and Marjorie Parker. With her husband, Maguire opened an orphanage in Kenya (which houses 60 children) and a school (attended by 350 children): half of the year is spent in the African country, the other half in the UK raising funds. And if Cahill is the founder of the Jersey Catholic Youth, an association aimed at young people and children, Parker, who has among other things opened the doors of her house to those in need, instead helps the elderly, refugees and vulnerable people in general. The fourth winner has reached an impressive 93 years of age, Egan, who is still very active in her weekly meetings which help those who are alone and in difficulty (for whom she also provides food and clothing), and in her commitment to the Union of Catholic Mothers in the Diocese of Westminster. The prize committee also awarded a special mention to the wives of Anglican priests who have entered the Catholic Church (after Anglicanorum Coetibus of Pope Benedict XVI): usually groups are not awarded, but the exception has been made to recognize the commitment of these women who have "supported their husbands along the path towards Christian unity," for being the pivot of their family in moments - reads the citation - "of great concern and uncertainty." Often forgotten, they are however a vital part of fulfilling the vision of the Ordinariate .




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Jan. 22, 2020