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The burkini and other such matters

The more it is forbidden, the more it sells: the laws of the market now apply to the burkini too, banned in France this summer 2016. Invented by Aheda Zanetti, a Muslim Australian woman of Lebanese origin who did not want to give up doing competitive swimming, the burkini saw its worldwide sales increase by 200 per cent, thus becoming a banner of identity. Meanwhile a new Barbie doll is coming out: the 24 year-old Nigerian Haneefah Adam has indeed created Hijarbie for which she designed, cut and sewed clothes making her in effect a Muslim. Haneefah Adam has declared that she wants to help girls of the Islamic faith by giving them a doll that represents their own cultural and religious background. To this end, Haneefah has produced a specific Hijarbie in honour of the Muslim Ibtihaj Muhammad who participated and won a bronze medal in the team sabre fencing event at the 2016 Rio Olympics.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020