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Birth of a new movement in India

To send a message of empowerment and dignity and to rediscover the role of women in the Church, leaving aside the clichés of subordination. To reaffirm the importance of the contribution of women in Indian society, a society marked by severe and frequent episodes of unpunished rapes: For this sequence of reasons, during a national conference held in Bangalore - Fides reports - , The Movement of Christian Women was launched in the country. The movement intends to start through the appreciation of women, promoted by the Second Vatican Council and by Mulieris dignitatem, and expressly revived by Pope Francis. The urgency need of giving a voice to and protecting the rights of Christian women in the Church and in society, especially those poorest and most marginalized, and of protecting the rights of all is the reason why hundreds of religious and secular people of different Christian denominations have created a project which aims “to challenge the patriarchal mentality and promote equal rights." One of the founders of the movement is the Commission for Women acting within the Bishops' Conference of India. A committee of nine members has been immediately formed in order to broaden the movement and to elaborate the way in which its presence is active in Indian society.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020