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Bianca, the cheerleader in a wheelchair

A blue and white costume, bow in their hair and coordinated pompoms: this is how the cheerleaders of the Warriors of Bologna American football first division team took to the field. Among them - said Amber Notari in the magazine " Superabile " - there was even Bianca Maria Cocchi, a twenty-three year old suffering from a rare form of familial dysautonomia, a rare disease (characterized by dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system) that prevents one feeling either pain or heat. Cheerleading is a sport recognized by the Olympic Committee, which requires much preparation. Along with her companions, Bianca had her first experience when she was younger and has now moved to being a senior. She is at the centre of the choreography, in which she participates sitting on her wheelchair. "It's much better to be in a team: you can share everything, both good and bad. Above all, it is a question of responsibility: if you make a mistake, everyone will suffer. My philosophy? Never judge. If you have a head use it because in whatever condition you find yourself, you are equal to others", concluded the girl who works in a media library.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 19, 2020