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“Beyond the Hills”

· Film ·

“Beyond the Hills” takes place in an undisclosed location in Romania at an Orthodox monastery with a “father”, “mother” and “sisters” and where Alina, a young woman who was adopted, has come to find Voichita. The two young women grew up together in an orphanage and Alina has come to get Voichita in order to bring her to Germany. Although there is a very strong bond between them, Voichita doesn’t want to leave the monastery and her love for God. Alina has great difficulty with this and is restless, at times violent, and even attempts suicide. The “father”, “mother” and “sisters” believe she is possessed and try to find a remedy in order to save her.

“Beyond the Hills” is inspired by an event which happened in a monastery in Moldavia where a young woman died following an exorcism. The director, Cristian Mungiu, the same director of the wonderful “Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days”, puts the two women at the center of the story along with their friendship, love and a poor and superstitious religion; it is the religion that survived the Ceausescu regime, which was deprived of liberty and was closed in on itself and its rituals. He also shows the blind and unconscious violence that resulted, much like that which, in the end, is what viciously kills Alina.




St. Peter’s Square

Aug. 24, 2019