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Between one wave and another

· ​The diary ·

One reads as an absorbing novel the book Tra un’onda e l’altra [Between One Wave and Another] by St Frances Cabrini. The tale of a woman, a sister, who confronts tiring and terrible journeys from Europe to the American continent, from Le Havre to Buenos Aires. She traversed immense countries in their entirety, she crossed the Cordillera of the Andes on a mule, made the dangerous passage through Nicaragua, often without finding a place to sleep or eat. And in the meantime she opened schools, asylums and foundations and organized emigrants. She dispensed hope. Frances Cabrini was driven by faith which in those distant lands in the middle of the nineteenth century became a desire to do, and to do things for others, to improve a world she described in all its poverty and desperation. Her book gives us a model of emancipation that is able to cope with loneliness and danger, and invites women to free themselves of all bonds. “Free yourselves and spread your wings, I beg you, in order always to be uplifted from the earth”, is Frances’ message, also and perhaps above all to women today. (@ritannaarmeni)




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 21, 2019