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Being a girl  in Colombia

The Congress "girls at the centre”, was held in Bogotá  in October, celebrated within the campaign "Being a child", promoted by the NGO, Plan International, which operates in fifty countries in the developing world and engages in the protection of the rights of childhood. During the course of their work, a group of teenage girls made an explicit request to have the same opportunities as children, and to receive the same respect as human beings and the same protection by the State. The figures presented have revealed the conditions of violence and abuse in which thousands of Colombian girls live. Lack of health care and nutrition, huge amounts of domestic work, dangers to health as well as violence undergone in the domestic sphere: these are the obstacles that young girls encounter on their way to education. According to official data, out of 100 girls who start an education, 77 are able to complete primary school and only 22 the entire cycle.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 17, 2020