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Badam Zari the first woman
candidate in Pakistan

An illiterate Pakistani woman, Badam Zari, is the first woman to be a candidate in the elections in the tribal areas of her country, a conservative region where the right to vote for many women is still under discussion. Just like Malala, the teenager seriously injured by the Taliban on account of her commitment, Badam - housewife, fully veiled and wife of a teacher – is fighting for the education of girls. In order to continue her battle, she has decided to stand as an independent candidate in the elections to be held on May 11. Zari will stand in Bajaur, one of seven semi-autonomous tribal districts of the north-west of the country on the border with Afghanistan. Of about 1.7 million voters in these areas, the theatre of the war on terrorism, only six hundred thousand are women, the lowest rate in the country.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020