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AWAM the Christian NGO in Pakistan

During the campaign that preceded the elections in Pakistan last May the 11th, the NGO, Association of Women for Awareness & Motivation (AWAM), Christian-inspired and guided by Nazia Sardar, has promoted an awareness campaign for the rights and dignity of women. Lasting five months and carried out in a widespread manner in the territories of 42 female polling stations in four districts of Faisalabad (Punjab province), the campaign also invited women to participate in the vote. Groups of citizens, for each polling station, visited local communities, associations, committees and families, condemning vote trading and vote-buying. All this, however, has  caused much irritation. In particular, two activists of Awam, Qurat-ul-Ain and Shabana Bashir, have been strongly criticised for their "mistaken behaviour" and threatened with "dire consequences" by members of the Pakistan Muslim League-N.




St. Peter’s Square

Aug. 22, 2019