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Attacks against Christians in Nigeria

· Continuing episodes of Islamic fundamentalist violence in the northern regions ·

Another bloody Sunday for Christians in the north of Nigeria. Two car bombs detonated by suicide attackers exploded in a church in a  military compound in Jaji, a city in Kaduna State, causing the death of at least eleven people and injuring dozens.The news was reported by local military sources and published by Reuters. The tragic rite of many Sundays has thus been repeated in northern Nigeria, for too long in the grip – and at the mercy  –  of the terrorism of military of the  Islamic fundamentalist  group, Boko Haram.

The dynamic varies each time, but a continuous red trail of blood links one suicidal attacker to a bomb, an assault with a weapon to a fire, in a tragic sequence that is assuming the features of a systematic massacre against Christians in the north. The violence is often claimed by or attributed to  integralists of Boko Haram, which for two years has been subjecting the whole of Nigeria to both fire and the sword, aiming to turn it into an Islamic caliphate and expel the Christians from the country's northern regions.

Yesterday's target was the Protestant Church of St Andrew's in the barracks of Jaji, located about 30 kilometres from Kaduna, capital of the State of that name, where the reign of terror has struck yet again with sinister precision. The majority of the victims, Agence France Press says, belonged to the church's choir.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 21, 2019