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At the forefront of progress

· Cardinal Bertone for the 75th anniversary of Salesian presence in the Vatican ·

Following in the footsteps of Don Bosco in the field of communication

The Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone presided  at a Eucharistic Celebration on Wednesday afternoon, 3 October, in the Apostolic Palace's Pauline Chapel for the 75th anniversary of the presence of Salesians in the  Vatican. Called by Pius XI to be the technical and administrative direction of the Printing Press and of L'Osservatore Romano , the spiritual sons of Don Bosco have been  present within the holy walls  since  2 August 1937, exactly three years  after the canonization of their Founder, who Pope Ratti had personally known back in Torino-Valdocco. Don Bosco's oratory and professional school left a lasting impression on the Pontiff. And that is why this past 3 August another like celebration took place, presided by Cardinal Raffaele Farina, Archivist and Librarian emeritus of the Holy Roman Church.

In his homily Cardinal Bertone spoke about their “discrete and faithful presence” underlining the “peculiar mission” that “so many confrères have fulfilled and continue to fulfil with constancy and competence, in the name of Don Bosco”, and “in the spirit of obedience to the Pope”. A hard-working presence – he added – that reflects two characteristic dimensions of the Salesian spirit: the ecclesial and the lay.

Cardinal Farina, for his own part, was asked  what the Founder would say  to the global village of the Church today: “ We need people,” was his response, “ who are faithful to our charism in daily work here in the Vatican, in a vital and delicate instrument for spreading the teaching and the activity of the Holy See”.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 18, 2019