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Archbishop Welby says no to same-sex marriage

· The Anglican Primate in view of the vote in Great Britain ·

“I have no idea how the vote will go, so I am not going to get into hypothetical questions. I stand, as I have always stood over the last few months, with the statement I made at the announcement of my appointment, which is that I support the Church of England’s position on this”. Archbishop Justin Welby of Cantebury said this to the British press on the eve of the vote  on the law which would legalize same-sex marriage in Great Britain, supported by the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Yesterday Justin Welby officially became the Archbishop of Canterbury and will be enthroned on 21 March. Cameron is ready to use the votes of the Liberal Democratics, in his coalition, and those of the Labourists, his opponent, to obtain a yes to the legislation which is opposed by about 200 members of Parliament. The Catholic Church together with the Anglican Communion has led a long battle against the new norm, handing out cards in parishes to the faithful which call them to ask members of Parliament in their electoral circumscription to vote no to the  “Gay Marriage Bill”. The Bishops have also published a booklet for members of Parliament which explains the reasons for their opposition. At the mass celebrated last Sunday, Archbishop Peter David Gregory Smith of Southwark called for prayers that the law not be passed.  Speaking to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph , Archbishop Smith explained that the definition of marriage as a union between a man and woman comes from both the state and the Church and neither institution has the right to change it.




St. Peter’s Square

April 24, 2019