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All peoples should be able to enjoy the benefits of science

· The Pope's audience with the Vatican Observatory and the participants of the astronomy and astrophysics summer school ·

Science can be “a fitting and effective means for promoting peace and justice”, thus “it is only right that men and women everywhere should have access to research and scientific training. The hope that one day all peoples will be able to enjoy the benefits of science is one which spurs all of us on, scientists”. The Holy Father called for this in his audience on Thursday, 26 June, in the Hall of the Popes, with the professors and students of the 14th Biennial Vatican Observatory Summer School. The month-long summer course concludes on 27 June in the Astronomical Observatory in Castel Gandolfo. On this occasion, the Pope greeted the Jesuit fathers and brothers who work at the Observatory.

The integral text of the Pope's address 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019