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​After the cancer I give you my wig

The art of recycling knows no bounds. A French hairdresser is making a proposal to women cured of cancer who, of course, no longer need the wig they purchased during the period of their chemotherapy: give it as a present to a sick woman who cannot afford one. This is the project of a French association, Joséphine pour la Beauté des Femmes, founded by the Italian naturalized French hairdresser Lucia Iraci, who recently hit the headlines for opening the first hairdresser’s shop at affordable prices in one of the poorest districts of Paris. The new campaign aims to support poor women in the fight against cancer, enabling them to feel beautiful even during the most intensive phase of their treatment. The invitation is also posted online with the campaign #AvecMaPerruque given that a wig can be very expensive, it can even cost as much as 3,000 euros, while the French health-care service only reimburses 125 euros.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 23, 2019