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Afrika is a woman’s name

· ​The documentary ·

Three women, three countries, three societies and one continent: that is the essence of the documentary by Ingrid Sinclair, Bridget Pickering and Wanjiru Kinyanjui Afrika is a Woman’s Name (2008) which tells the stories of Njoki, Phuti and Amai, all three important for the development of their respective countries. The journey begins with NjokiNgung’u, a magistrate in Kenya, involved in the fight against violence and sexual abuse; it proceeds with Phuti Ragaphala, the head of an elementary school in a small village in the province of Limpopo, one of the most deprived regions of South Africa; and ends with Amai Rosie, a housewife in a Zimbabwe village who, thanks to her tenacity and courage, was able to become a businesswoman. These three figures while coming from different backgrounds, actually live and work in a world controlled by men. However, they wonder how they can change things. Because they know well that society, their children and other women are in need of their example and assistance. (@GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 17, 2019