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​The activist

Tess Asplund, 42, was photographed with a clenched fist raised at the head of the march of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). Moments later the woman was bodily picked up and carried off by the police, to allow the neo-Nazi march to continue. But the photo and video were immediately shared by millions of users all over the world. Asplund is an African Swede, as she defines herself, and as such represents the new multicultural Sweden, opposed by the members of the NRM: “Racism has been normalized in Sweden, it’s become okay to say the ‘n’ word” she told the British newspaper The Guardian. The moment was immortalized on 3 May 2016 by the photographer David Lagerlöf. The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National-Socialist-style party, born in Sweden, but which also includes organizations in Finland, Norway and Denmark; it fights against immigration and several of the movement’s texts exalt Adolf Hitler.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 19, 2019