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Abortion and Him

· The essay ·

It is an extremely complex and delicate topic that Antonello Vanni deals with in his book Abortion and Him . A journey into the male heart (St. Paul 2013). A subject which we have to reflect more and more about in order to avoid the sterile opposition, the wall against wall, the loss of the sense of responibility of everyone, and especially schizophrenia involved. The voluntary interruption of pregnancy - whatever many men and a few women still maintain - is not a theme that has been brought to a close with its legalization, which has failed to make any easier an extremely painful question. And when talking it over, we can no longer continue to ignore the man who, for better or for worse, is there, behind it all. Continuing to emphasize the abortion issue as exclusively female question, we run the risk of legitimizing men in their continuing substantial withdrawal from remarkable moments like childbirth. How to reconcile involvement and exclusion; a call to responsibility ex ante and the exclusion from the decision ex post ? (@ GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 19, 2020