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The ability to choose

· Renewing the Church in a secular age ·

Charles Taylor writes: "Glaube als Option: Faith as an option. This is the description Hans Joas[i] proposes for the contemporary condition of spiritual/religious life in the West. 'Option' here means something different from choice. Issues of faith and non-faith are not settled lightly, like choices of menu. When one enters into or leaves a faith, one feels 'called'. 

Those who step out wouldn’t put it this way, but they feel they have no choice in all honesty but to reject faith." He adds that "option" means something else: "it means that for growing numbers of people in the West, or North Atlantic society, as well as some other parts of the world, there is a background understanding to their life of faith/non-faith: they know other people, equally if not more intelligent, or perceptive, who are living another option. The idea that people living within another faith are either weird, or morally deficient, or catastrophically blind, becomes less and less credible. Some of these people will be my friends, others my close kin. This is what it is to see faith as an option."




St. Peter’s Square

May 20, 2019