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A heart that desires

· At the Angelus the Pope recalls that the true treasure of man is love ·

The commitment to promote mutual respect with our Muslim brothers and sisters

“The Christian is one who brings within himself a great desire, a deep desire: that desire to meet with his Lord with his brothers and his companions”. Pope Francis said this at the Angelus on 11 August in St Peter's Square, drawing on the passage of the Gospel of Luke, proposed by the liturgy of the 19th Sunday of Ordinary time. For the Pontiff the desire to meet Christ keeps the spirit of the believer awake, avoiding the danger of “closed heart, a sleeping heart, a heart anesthetized to life”. It is in this way that we understand that the true “treasure” of mankind, the most important and precious reality is love of God “that gives meaning to our small daily tasks” and helps us face “great trials”. In this light, the Holy Father's words to Muslims are important. Calling them “our brothers and sisters” at the end of the Marian prayer, the Pope took up his words again from the message written recently for the end of Ramadan, stating “Christians and Muslims may work to promote mutual respect”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 24, 2020