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A great service to the Church

· Cardinal Bertone celebrates St John Bosco with the staff of ‘L'Osservatore Romano’ and the Vatican Press ·

On Friday morning, 29 January, in the Vatican's Pauline Chapel, the staff of L’Osservatore Romano and of the Vatican Press participated in a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, sdb, Secretary of State, for the nearness of the Memorial of St John Bosco, which this year occurred on Sunday, 31 January.

During his homily the Cardinal stressed the importance of the great service that the staff renders to the Church. “Anchored to the faith” and “attentive to the Pope's voice”, the Cardinal continued, “may all of you who work in every capacity and at every level at L’Osservatore Romano, at the Vatican Publishing House, at the Photographic Service and at the Vatican Printing Press be servants of hope who build human brotherhood and well-being, anchored to a truth lived in charity, as Benedict xvi put it so well in his Encyclical Caritas in Veritate ”.

The Cardinal Secretary of State encouraged all efforts that “aim for an ever wider circulation of the Holy See's newspaper”.

In this regard he emphasized several innovations: the ongoing co-publication with L’Eco di Bergamo in Italy, the recent initiative of co-publication in Spain with La Razón and, lastly, the agreement that has just been signed with the Bayard group for the promotion of the weekly edition in French.

After speaking of the fundamental traits of Don Bosco's charism, Cardinal Bertone pointed out that the Vatican Press “has recently been equipped with modern machinery that will make high quality work possible.... The Publishing House of the Holy See will thus be able to provide the public with valuable books”.

He continued by highlighting that “beauty and perfection... which are combined in many publications, both ancient and modern, which address topics of faith, art and Christian culture are part of a long tradition in the Church and the Vatican Press has always made it a priority to help increase this patrimony”.

L’Osservatore Romano seeks to listen and give voice particularly to writers who challenge those who seem to want material prosperity alone –  who sink ever deeper into consumerist materialism – the Cardinal said.

At the beginning of Mass, Fr Pietro Migliasso, Director of the Salesian community in the Vatican and of the Vatican Press who was concelebrating with other Salesians, briefly greeted Cardinal Bertone.

After the Mass, Cardinal Bertone visited a recently renovated area of the Vatican Press offices that house a newly purchased offset printing machine: a Manroland 705 LV HiPrint with five colours and a coater. There, the Secretary of State blessed both the premises and the machine.

Fr Migliasso recalled that such equipment will speed up production considerably but above all makes possible the high quality printing “which has always been the ultimate aim of the Vatican Press”.

Mr Giuseppe Canesso, Technical Director, thanked all those who contributed to the purchase and installation of the new machine, starting with the Secretary of State and the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See.

He also expressed his gratitude to the institutions whose orders enable the Press to print “useful, beautiful and artistic publications, thereby making themselves an instrument for the circulation in the world... of the word of God and that of the Holy Father and of the Church”.

At the conclusion of the event, Cardinal Bertone was invited to start up the new machine.




St. Peter’s Square

July 24, 2019