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A difficult path but one that's possible

· Press conference at the mid-point of the Synod ·

Marvellous, difficult, possible. Three words to describe the Synod according to Cardinal John Tong Hon. And Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the youngest Synod Father, quickly added another: enthusiasm. Indeed at the Assembly, which is half over, there is “great satisfaction and great hope”. The same hope which will fill the mission to Syria. Cardinal Laurent Monsengo Pasinya – who will be part of the delegation  – spoke about the mission on Thursday morning, 18 October, meeting with journalists in the Holy See Press Office. The Cardinal said: “We trust our hope to God. It will be a gesture of charity, comfort and consolation for the Syrian people. We hope that the Pope's gesture will be appreciated”.

A complete picture is beginning to take shape from the work of the Synod, useful ideas concerning evangelization are coming out. Cardinal Tong Hon emphasized that the this reality is centered around Christ “our absolute priority”. The Cardinal however did not hide the difficulties “such as the lack of vocations due to the influence of hedonism”. According to Cardinal Monsengwo Pasinya, in order to relaunch evangelization there is the need to “renew the methods and expressions in a world that seems to no longer ask oneself, or ask incorrectly, about God”. Concerning the controversy of proselytism, especially in Ukraine, Archbishop Shevchuk underlined how “all Christian communities today agree on the urgency of proclaiming Jesus Christ to modern society. This common desire will aid us in overcoming the divisions of the past”.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 12, 2019