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A colourful alphabet

· At the General Audience, Benedict XVI talks about the beauty that comes close to God ·

For centuries, artists “have dipped their paintbrush into that colorful alphabet which is the Bible”. Benedict XVI cited an expression used by Marc Chagall to reaffirm the conviction that art is one of the most evocative and effective ways to encounter God. Speaking to the faithful gathered at Castel Gandolfo for the General Audience on 31 August – held in the Piazza della Libertà outside the Pontifical Palace – the Pope invited everyone to rediscover in artistic expression a “part of that via pulchritudinis that today’s man should recover in its deepest meaning”. From this perspective – he explained – the work of art becomes “like a door open to the infinite, through a beauty and a truth that goes beyond that of daily life”. It is an experience that everyone can have before a sculpture, a painting, an architectural work, a poem, or a piece of music. And it is something Benedict XVI confided to have experienced many times, recalling especially the feelings stirred up in him when he listened to a piece by Bach in a concert, conducted by Leonard Bernstein in Monaco.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 18, 2020